Al Toufiq Tyres and Car Accessoris can provide barke changing service. Brakes play an important role in safety of your vehicle. We often don’t realize when our next break pad service is. When the car starts making some noises we realize it time for brake pad change or motor. If we keep ignoring this screeching noises if is dangerous for our safety as well it scratch your pocket.


Noises Come From Brake Pads When Worn

Worn brake pads tend to make a squealing noise, which indicates it’s the time to change them. We hear this noise while even after we have released the brake pedal. We may hear another sound like grumbling or grinding noise when braking, which indicates it’s time to change both brake pad and rotor.

When the Rotor or caliper gets damaged it's certain that brake pads have worn out as caliper is the most important component in brake pad assembly and works as a clamp against rotor when we apply brakes. Brake pad is positioned in the caliper as it’s the mechanical architecture designed by the car.

When to Change Brake Pads

Many mechanical experts will have a different suggestion on this, it will depend on how you drive the car, if you are a rash driver you will have to change brake pads frequently. It also depends on the weight of the car, frequency of driving, road conditions. Mostly it is recommended to change brake pads when you change engine oil.  Lifespan of brake pads also depends on what quality brake pads have you installed, how often you brake and how long you drive on daily basis.


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