At Al Toufiq Tyres and Car Accessories we can provide all kind of car accessories. Everyone wants to maintain that "new car" smell and look for the interior of their vehicle. While that’s not always possible, you can at least keep the interior of your vehicle clean and organized. Too much dust, and mold can actually be hazardous to your health, along with the health of your passengers. Keep your car clean and fresh with detailing and cleaning products from Al Toufiq Tyres and Car Accessories, delivered straight to your door to save you time out of your day. After detailing your car or truck, consider accessories like floor mats, automotive organization products, seat covers, chrome accents, step bars, and tool boxes to help you keep the mess out of your ride for good. 

Keep the outside of your vehicle looking as fresh as the inside with car wash soap, wax, and other detailing products. The condition of your vehicle is often as reflection of you, a clean exterior tells everyone that you take pride in everything you do.

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